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Error #78144

RSA SecurID Software Token
Failed to open token service.:Error in TKN library:Password validation failed

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If you see this, I bet you should check your network cards. It's likely the RSA token tool is confused by a new network card or something you installed. I have a feeling it uses the MAC address of the card for some sort of identification purpose.

In my case, I had added a 3G AT&T USBConnect wireless card. When I unplugged it, immediately the tool started running again.

Other people who had this problem, too:

Sep 21, 2008


I would say that you should give an Admin rights to the user.

user32549 Nov 25, 2008

Reinstalling didn't work. I cleared the temp files: Start > Run > TEMP (and %TEMP%) before this worked.

user85216 Nov 22, 2009

if using windows 7 choose to run as XP SP3.

user97707 Apr 22, 2010

The issue I had was very specific to running aventail with software token on oracle virtualbox. The mac id of the network card is apparently involved in the token config so you cant use a nat virtual interface - you have to use a bridged adapter.

user111120 Nov 06, 2010

I am having windows 7 homeprimum laptop. i installed RSA software..it was working fine. but when i reinstalled it for some reason..it started giving above problem.. I tried to run as administrator as well as IN XP mode.. doesnt work for me. any other suggestion. Its not working in other local profile as well.. Pls suggest work around

user111698 Nov 15, 2010

I'm running XP SP3 and have had same problem - re-install didn't worked - same problem. I finally solved it by installing another (possibly newer) version of the RSA SecurID - version 3.0.6 [251] It started to work again afterwards.

user116156 Mar 28, 2011

Forgot to add that I didn't add or remove any new network cards. Make sure that you kill the securID.exe process which will prevent the complete un-install if you get the error above.

user116156 Mar 28, 2011

I had the above issue after moving my laptop hard drive (windows 7 64 bit) to a newer laptop that had a different nic on it. I resolved simply by removing the SoftwareTokens.DB from the installation dir of the RSA tool. Then rerun and re-import your *.sdtid.

user116638 Apr 08, 2011

It also may cause by computer's hostname change. i choose a new hostname for my computer and then rsa broken, when i change hostname back again it worked.

user117660 Apr 27, 2011

To repair TKN library error. Search for the RSA file and delete 'Software Token.DB'. Make sure that you have a seed file to import back to your RSA software. Hope it helps :D

user117868 May 06, 2011

delete "SoftwareTokens.DB" in the following location C:\Users\[*** Your User ***]\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\RSA Security\RSA SecurID Software Token\

user123308 Aug 02, 2011

Cut or delete filename SoftwareTokens (db) from the directory C:Program Files (x86)RSA SecurityRSA SecurID Software Token

user123459 Aug 11, 2011

Remove the program and deleted the RSA folder from C:Users[*** Your User ***]AppDataLocalRSA Security. Reinstall the RSA software.

user123789 Sep 06, 2011

Somehow, RSA token has to be saved from Microsoft Outlook. Then you can import the token. I got this advice from RSA support team, and it worked. You need to install out look and try importing

user130366 Dec 04, 2011

This is right. Yaswanth Midathala

user130366 Dec 05, 2011