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Error #73579

rsync: failed to set times on <directory> Operation not permitted

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You must actually own a directory in order to set its access and modification times to an arbitrary value. Just having write permissions is not sufficient.

Either chown the directory, or don't use the -t or -a flags in rsync (-a includes -t). Note that this will have a small performance penalty since rsync will no longer be able to detect unmodified files and it will perform additional checking to see if they are different.

(courtesy http://lists.samba.org/ar...13709.html )

May 23, 2008


Thanks a lot!

user91656 Feb 08, 2010

Thanks. Minor note: a includes option r.

user105353 Jun 24, 2010

Indeed, I needed to make sure to be the owner of the mounted filesystem. In my case (external harddrive automounted with Samba in fstab), I simply had to add "uid=myusername" in my fstab file.

user108739 Aug 24, 2010

Perfect. I chowned the directory and all "files and directories below this directory" to the user owning the cron job and also checked "set UID." The error is gone.

user123339 Aug 04, 2011

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user243680 Mar 26, 2014