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Error #67069

A media update is required to play this content

Status code: 51-c00df236

User's solution

This works!
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Re-download the Optional Media Update.

Dec 04, 2007


Nice one captain obvious. If it was that easy then surely this thread would be pointless. Thanks for nothing jackass.

user2254 Dec 15, 2007


user2264 Dec 17, 2007

My kids live with their mom and have an xbox. They talked me into buying one. I should have known better. Microsoft disgusts me more and more with every passing year and every hardware or software release. Here's the solution: Buy a PS3. Give the 360 to Grandma and tell her it's her new DVD player. On another note, the wireless gaming usb adapter for pc is a decent buy for $20. sitting on the couch and using the controller with xbmc to browse pc media is pretty sweet.. except, once again Microsoft pissed me off again with no pc driver support for the chatpad. Bill Gates is an ass.

user23845 Nov 05, 2008

There needs to be an offline solution for this! My Xbox doesn't play videos of ANY format straight out of the box. Seriously, WTF! I shouldn't have to update the dashboard just after buying it!

user53257 Jan 05, 2009

I KNOW!! FUCKIN INIT MAN! 360 IS F-U-C-K-I-N-G SHIT. i cannot BELIEVE that not a SINGLE video format works on my 360. i tried avi, mpg, 3gp, mp4 - the 360 recognises two of them, but when i try and play them it comes up with this SHITY error telling me i have to fuckin get xbox live to sort it out - what a mess!!!

user60013 Feb 23, 2009

if u guys were fucking smart u would realize that microsoft owns more than half of the rights to sony ergo the reason xbox 360 is getting final fantasy

user75085 Aug 01, 2009

... it plays WMV files without the update. You know- the format that Microsoft (who also happens to be the maker of the 360) uses. Of course you're going to need an update- you needed one when you got your PC out of the box, didn't you? It's not Microsoft's job to package all sorts of 3rd party software with it's own hardware.

user78343 Aug 26, 2009

I hate my stupid xbox ... all I want to do is watch avi movies! Updated My system still the same message! need a media update

user82627 Oct 16, 2009

non riesco a caricare i giochi su xboxuan!si blocano e mi da un codice di errore ( 0x80072f78).cosa posso fare?

user217562 Nov 23, 2013