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Error #46476

Run-time error '3043.'
Disk or network error.

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Sep 02, 2007


If running Windows XP and you are getting the error "Run-time error '3043.' Disk or network error.", then please follow these steps. Access the following folder: "C:\Documents and Settings\Profile\Local Settings\" Profile = your Windows profile Once you are in the "Local Settings" folder, create a folder called "Temp" Try running the software in which you are getting the Run-time error '3043' and you should find that you have fixed the problem.

user83761 Nov 04, 2009

Here is how I solved my 3043 error: At work my work computer was updated with a new version of Windows, but no one else's was updated, so I needed to map the network drives that I had always used. Unfortunately, the old drive letter (Here, it was H:) no longer showed up, so I used another letter (M:) to connect to the same old server with the "\\SERVER\DB_SERVER_BACK_END..." location. Everything seemed OK on my desktop computer, but co-workers (Who received no update) were still using the original H: drive, but Access Front end was looking for the M: drive that I used on my desktop. In short: My computer and Access Front End used a different drive letter (M:) while co-workers still had the original drive letter H: the "\\SERVER\DB_SERVER_BACK_END..." location. Solution: Use a co-worker's computer to open the Linked Table Manager to select all of the tables for an update; it will ask you where the "\\SERVER\DB_SERVER_BACK_END..." is - in this case, the coworker's original H: drive - and the problem is SOLVED.

user207273 Jan 09, 2013